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Meet Our Team



Steve Katz Ph.D.

Steve comes to SIS after a multi-decade research career in informatics looking at how information is represented in data systems.  Steve is a bit of a Swiss army knife, in addition to expertise in informatics, he has also worked in research and commercial diving, rigging tall ships and statistics.



Jennifer Scheuerell

Jennifer started in data by building long-term ecological research databases at the University of Washington. As a consultant, she has created automated data platforms for a wide variety of clients. When away from her keyboard, she enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, and cycling.



Craig Anderson

Craig got his start as a software tester in the not-so apocalyptic aftermath of the Y2K bug. Since then, he's had a long career in building web apps for a wide variety of organizations. He likes live music, craft beer, coffee, and boring tech that's reliable and does its job well.



Mike Knox

Mike comes from a background in systems integration and engineering management. His affable nature and frank demeanor make him a favorite client liaison. When not in his office, you can find Mike hiking in the beautiful Cascade mountains.


Keira Paterson

Formerly a public servant, Keira learned to code to build a web service for not-for-profits in 2014. A cyber security hobbyist, she likes security, privacy and reliability for all. When she's not online, you can find her painting, gardening, baking or lifting weights.


Sky Christensen

Sky has been building web apps with Python and Django for the best part of a decade. He enjoys the challenge of bringing order to chaos, and simplifying complex systems. He strives to produce architecture and code that's robust, easy to maintain, and which will keep working for many years into the future.



Sonja Adelle

Sonja is driven by those ‘aha!’ moments when elegant designs meet the user's needs. She is well-versed in managing complex and diverse projects from ideation and design through to delivery of engaging customer experiences. When she isn’t attached to her computer she is listening to music or chasing long lazy sunny afternoons at the pub or park.



Lisa Strawther

Lisa is a talented communicator and savvy content creator with a wide range of experience building community. In her free time she enjoys practicing yoga and coaching others in their health and wellness journeys.

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