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Improving the value of your data

Sharper informatics solutions can help you build tailored solutions to turn your data into a powerful and accessible tool.

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Sharper Informatic Solutions

We’re an experienced group of entrepreneurs and engineers who want to make data more powerful by making it more accessible. We think it's nonsensical that people shop for groceries on state of the art data platforms and then use spreadsheets for critical business data.


At Sharper Informatics Solutions, we believe that smart informatics can drive good decision making and open doors to new opportunities.


My Data Chameleon

A tailored data platform for energy efficiency.

There is a new opportunity for small independent groups to run energy efficiency programs as part of the California Public Utility Commission portfolio process. To access that opportunity, companies need to assemble detailed data that describe their programs in terms familiar to the California Public Utility Commission. We created My Data Chameleon to provide a human-friendly data platform for groups who want to easily create and manage their energy efficiency program data.

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