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Keeping up with data evolution

I've worked on many different data systems over the years, and one of the universal truths is that over time data evolve and the systems need to accommodate the changes to continue to be useful. What that specifically looks like varies a lot on the size and complexity of the data system, and in particular how many external systems it integrates with, both directly and indirectly.

A timely example is that today the data input specification for the California Public Utility Commission cost effectiveness tool (CET) changed. The specification update was to add seven new fields and remove two old fields from the measure data file. But that means that anyone who wakes up today and uploads a CET input file that was accepted yesterday will be told their submission is rejected with the error message:

Your upload was not processed.These files had an invalid format:    

Measure.csv: Column name mismatch:

        Missing columns: ['UnitRefrigCosts', 'MiscBensDesc', 'UnitMiscBens', 'MiscCostsDesc', 'UnitRefrigBens', 'UnitGasInfraBens', 'UnitMiscCosts']
        Unexpected columns: ['MarketEffectsCosts', 'MarketEffectsBenefits']

🤯 right?

Now the CET update happens at the same time each year, so the update isn't a surprise to folks who have been around for awhile and know the update schedule. But whether or not people who saw it coming, the change ripples through the data community and countless groups who need to make matching updates their internal data processes to stay in sync.

But there is good news for anyone who is ready to stop doing that busy work every year and leverage this moment to move to a better data platform for managing their energy efficiency program forecasts and cost effectiveness inputs. In sync with the change to the CET, we updated My Data Chameleon to give users CET input data files formatted to match the new data spec.

That means you can log into My Data Chameleon and upload your CET inputs that are now rejected but worked yesterday, and we'll hand you back those data in the new CET input format that works today.

If you were looking for the perfect time to jump over to My Data Chameleon, this is it. Why not save yourself the time of converting all of your program forecast data to the new format and let us do it for you? And with our 14 day free trial, what do you have to lose?


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